Resident Evil 5 Benchmark

Benchmark test for PC Horror game, safe to download and virus free

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The Resident Evil 5 Benchmark software gives users an idea of how well Resident Evil 5 will run on their PC.

The Benchmark

Depending on the site the user downloaded the benchmark from, launching the benchmark may open up a window with an advertisement. It will also open up the launcher for the benchmark and the user can decide between DirectX9 and DirectX10. There will be a "PRESS ANY KEY" prompt on the screen. From there, the user can select "SYSTEM SETTINGS" and "BENCHMARKS." It is recommended for the user to first go to "SYSTEM SETTINGS" and change the settings to what they would use if they were to play the full game. For example, users should consider setting the resolution to the native resolution of their monitor or television.

The "BENCHMARKS" prompts the user to select either "VARIABLE BENCHMARK" and "FIXED BENCHMARK." Overall, selecting "VARIABLE BENCHMARK" paints a more accurate picture of how the full game will run for the user. Once the benchmark begins, the screen will display information on the top left and bottom of the screen. The top left displays a percentage marking the progression of the benchmark. The bottom screen displays the fps counter followed by the user's computer specs, resolution and version of DirectX.

The "VARIABLE" benchmark features three areas. It begins with an opening cut scene followed by gameplay in the village. At around the 45 percent mark, the benchmark changes to a different part of the game. It tests out various effects and objects, such as explosions and projectiles. The third area further increases the number of enemies on-screen.

The "FIXED" benchmark uses preset gameplay. That is, it does not spawn enemies or test out different effects. It simply runs the engine and measures the average frames-per-second. Thus, it does not offer the user as much information as the "VARIABLE" benchmark.


The results screen once again displays the specs at the top right and a chart illustrating the average frames-per-second rate on the right. The benchmark will then assign a grade to the user's PC's performance from "C" to "S."


  • Feeds the user with plenty of information (e.g., frame rate) and the graph shows where there might be stability issues.
  • Tests out many effects and creates scenarios that are representative of the full game.
  • The configuration settings allow the user to tweak anything and, thus, lets users find their own optimal settings.


  • The benchmark automatically restarts itself if the user does not manually end the benchmark.
  • The results screen transitions to the benchmark again if the user does not press anything.

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